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Downloads, Videos & Special Features
Downloads, Videos & Special Features

 Do you know who Butch Robins is?  Banjo player for Bill Monroe and Leon Russell - He was so pissed at Bill Monroe he would sing this in the back of the bus at the top of his lungs-trying to get fired-he had promised his dad he would never quit Bill Monroe so he came up with this- 
First Single-  Dirt Gets Dirty mp3
Full CD Zip 320kmp3
"Ariana's soulful talent has taken up elite residency in what constitutes the very best that songwriting has to offer. On the cusp of 20 years old, she was composing material that was outrageously original, melodic and passionate. Now under the wing of multi-talented Americana everyman Buddy Miller the stars are aligned and Ariana Gillis will prove through these recordings that she is no flash in the pan flavor of the month but a force to be reckoned with now and for a very long time." -Bernie Taupin (Lyricist of Elton John)
Hailing from just outside Toronto, Ariana Gillis began taking singing lessons at the age of six, but she was hardly thrilled. So, her father encouraged her to write her own material and learn to play the guitar. An award-winning songwriter himself, he gave her invaluable insight into the process. READ MORE
“I have been a fan of Ariana Gillis since discovering her music on satellite radio…something rare and unseen – genuine, un-calculated, un-co-opted, art from a soulful gem.” 
– Grammy Award-winner, Buddy Miller

 Review of 'Maze" -by Lee Zimmerman

Review of 'Maze'-by Bobby Moore

First Single: Casino Lights-mp3
Diversion Records Recording Artist Pete Mancini got his start as the frontman and primary songwriter of Butchers Blind, a critically acclaimed rock band from NYC. His debut solo album Foothill Freeway explored the Americana influences that were a hallmark of his work with his former band.
In 2018, he released a live EP, Alive in Patchogue. Since signing with Diversion Records, Mancini has released three singles, Pine Box Derby, DUI Blues, and My Hometown. His second full-length album Flying First Class was released in 2019. Mancini’s songs have received glowing reviews and radio airplay around the world, and they continue to win over hearts and minds wherever they are heard.
Over the years, Mancini has opened for acts such as Blues Traveler, Gin Blossoms, Pure Prairie League, Robbie Fulks, James Maddock, Marah, Steve Forbert, Larry Campbell & Theresa Williams, Kevin Gordon, and Iain Matthews.  More
Juliet Simmons Dinallo-  First SIngle Moonshine & Sweet Tea mp3
Boston Roots and Cowboy Boots. All the way from Nashville to Memphis, and beyond, Dream Girl is the evolution of Juliet Simmons Dinallo’s singing, songwriting, and journey that began with 2013’s No Regrets album on Tree-O-Records. 
Dream Girl, produced by Michael Dinallo and Ducky Carlisle, The Tremolo Twins, is an amalgam of Nashville and Memphis. Dusty in Memphis, I Am Shelby Lynn, Stax/Volt, classic Nashville sides, From Elvis in Memphis along with soulful group singing. Juliet enlisted two other tremendous vocalists from Boston, Amber Casares and Anita Suhanin, to sing with her. The blend is reminiscent of the Staple Singers at times ("Until I Go") or the Trio album ("Moonshine and Sweet Tea") with Dolly, Emmylou, and Linda. Tim Carter (who is a direct link to The Carter Family) recorded the mandolin, fiddle, and banjo at his studio in Goodlettsville TN. The majority of the songs were solely by Juliet a few exceptions
Check Out the Video for "Out Of Gas" by Junior Cheyne it's a lot of fun
Sometimes it seems that people who've been through the toughest times are the ones who are the most appreciative of life. Rather than dwelling in bitterness, regret or sorrow, they're alive to the moment and determined to live it to its fullest potential. 
Sam is one of those people. 
He's also one of the people who've served our country and helped keep it safe so we can all live all our moments to their fullest.
Look around you. We're sure you know a Sam... or maybe a Samantha. 
Play "Out if Gas" for them and tell them "Keep dancing till there are no more songs to play!" 
And don't forget to tell them, "Thanks for your service!"

Junior Cheyne

Full CD with featured Rhonda Vincent Track
Caleb Daugherty was born in 1992 in Connersville Indiana. Raised in a musical family, Caleb began singing and playing the guitar at 7 years old.
While there have been many highlights in his musical career, the most memorable to date would be June 2016, when he was asked by Rhonda Vincent, Queen of Bluegrass, to join her and her band on stage at the Grand Ole Opry, on guitar and vocals.
As if that wasn't enough of an honor, he was also invited to perform at the 1st Annual "Keith Whitley Tribute Show" at the Nashville Palace, to honor one of his musical heroes, alongside the likes of Lorrie Morgan, Darryl Worley, Ken Mellons, Kevin Denney, and several other great artists.
On May 9th 2019 Caleb will be honoring the late Keith Whitley once again, alongside the likes of Garth Brooks, Trisha Yearwood, Mark Wills, Darryl Worley, Mark Chesnutt, Tracy Lawrence, Joe Diffie and many others at The Country Music Hall of Fame for the Keith Whitley 30th Anniversary Memorial Concert, on the Anniversary of Keiths untimely passing.
With Caleb's positive attitude and great work ethic, his future is sure to be bright!
New CD heading your way This Month
Rob "Splatt" Appelblatt- "Weathervane".wav
Robert Appelblatt seems to have a knack for making his dreams come true. For 14 years, he ran a video production company based in Manhattan, one that he helped grow from a handful of people into a 20-member organization.
“It was only advertising, I mean, we weren’t saving lives, but it was this visual sort of problem-solving that I loved. Clients would say this is what we need and we’d come up with some creative great stuff. I got a lot of personal gratification from that,” said Appelblatt, who lives in Jericho. “I didn’t mind working 15-hour days.”
When the business took a downturn a few years ago, Appelblatt decided to sell the company in early 2017. He felt a void in his life, one that he immediately filled by literally singing the blues. Now at 50, he’s gearing up this summer for the planned release of his first album, “Weathervane,” and he’ll give Long Islanders a chance to get a taste of the album when he performs June 22 at The Campagne House in Bethpage
This musical journey has been something of a whirlwind for Appelblatt, who had never performed for an audience until two years ago. “Before I closed the business I made a goal that I wanted to do an open mic,” he said.
What he lacked in musical training (he had barely picked up the guitar since high school), he made up for in enthusiasm. For the most part, Appelblatt taught himself the guitar with a little help from some YouTube videos. Appelblatt would occasionally jam in his basement with a buddy. 
Eventually, Appelblatt gathered the courage to go to an open mic night at Nag’s Head Ale House in Huntington, though he had another obstacle to overcome. “Getting in front of an audience was always something I was terrified of,” Appelblatt said. “But I like to tackle things I’m terrified of. I had a phobia of snakes and got over that, and it [having snakes] turned into an obsession.”
His original plan was to just watch the other performers at Nag's Head, but seeing one of the musicians make mistakes during his gig gave Appelblatt a confidence boost.
“I felt like, hey, if I mess up it’s not the biggest thing in the world. People at the bar weren’t even paying attention," he said. "I figured he messed up and nobody even cares, so I thought, I’ve got to do this.”
He played four songs, all covers of other artists, including John Cougar Mellencamp's "Pink Houses." By the end of the night, Appelblatt felt energized.
At 50, Robert Appelblatt is gearing up this summer for the planned release of his first album, "Weathervane." Photo Credit: Marisol Diaz-Gordon
“I was going through a mini-depression because the passion I had put into my work wasn’t there anymore,” he said. “After I did that first open mic, my mini depression went away for three or four days. Then I did another one.”
Soon he was going to open mics as often as five times a week, but playing songs by other artists didn’t completely fulfill him. When he learned that one of his favorite singers, Americana artist Jackie Green, was going to be a guest instructor at singer Steve Earle’s summer songwriting camp at Camp Copperhead in upstate New York, he signed up.
“They didn’t teach you, this is how you write a song. It was very conversational,” Appelblatt said of the various workshops he attended along with 70 others ranging from hobbyists to working musicians. “Everybody would explain their process. So I took bits and pieces of people’s processes and put it into my own process.”
One method was to jot down interesting thoughts or phrases whenever they popped into his brain. “Inspiration comes from my subconscious mind. I’ll wake up at 3 or 5 in the morning and put a couple of words together or a melody. I learned that if I wake up and have a thought in my head and go back to sleep, I will never remember it. So I learned to write that stuff down or use an app on the phone and record it.”
In no time, he had written about a dozen songs and, after going back to the camp last summer, he penned another four songs. Then he wondered, what was he going to do with them?
A friend from the camp liked Appelblatt’s songs and encouraged him to contact Steve Werbelow, a record producer pal based in Nashville. The idea intimidated Appelblatt, but he reached out — and the two clicked immediately.
Werbelow advised Appelblatt to come to Nashville for five days with four songs he might want to record. “He said we haven’t worked together. If we don’t jell, you’re not going to want to do a whole album,” Appelblatt said.
He also got the approval of his wife, Danielle. “I thought he was a little crazy, but I wanted him to follow his dream. He’s always wanted to write his own songs. I’m so proud of him and what he has created,” she said.
After those five days, Appelblatt told Werbelow he wasn’t ready to go home. He called Danielle and said he would be spending another two weeks working in the recording studio with Werbelow and backup musicians. Once again, she gave her support. It didn’t hurt that she loved the songs.
“I’ve heard them all and they sound fabulous,” she said. “It’s been very exciting watching them go from thoughts on paper to a very cool song that I’d listen to on the radio.
Werbelow agrees and thinks Appelblatt has a real future in the music business.
“His strong point is his storytelling,” said Werbelow. “His songs all have a really good story.”
He was particularly struck by “Weathervane,” a song about a musician who travels, as Appelblatt puts it, “wherever the wind takes him.”
“I had never heard the word ‘weathervane’ in a song before. It’s such a unique lyric,” said Werbelow. “He’s very passionate when he plays and when he sings he’s in the moment. He’s very Bruce Springsteen-esque.”
The album is already gaining some traction. Earlier this month, WLVR/91.3 FM, a station based at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, played two of Appelblatt's tracks, "Weathervane" and "Thunder Mountain," about a tough war veteran who once raced cars. (For more on the album, go to
While Werbelow admitted that becoming a recording artist at 50 is an obstacle, it’s not insurmountable. “The type of music he’s playing, he’s not going after the Taylor Swift pop crowd,” Werbelow said. “I hope something gets picked up for an indie film or a TV commercial and gets some buzz that way.”
The idea of such a break hasn’t been lost on Appelblatt.
“The dream scenario is to release it, put it out there, set it free, and hope that people like it and maybe there’s a way for some sort of money,” he said. “Maybe a bigger artist will want to cover one of my songs.
"I love the idea of playing music for people and that it means something to them, that it will give them the ability to escape from their lives and that they can connect with one of my songs.”
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