Alt-Americana, Roots Radio Promotion Pricing

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Alt-Americana, Roots Radio Promotion

Americana Radio Promoter

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$1400.00 Basic Package

 "Life Of Project -the effective radio life of your project- 15-30 weeks

Includes: "Life Of Project" radio promotion, two promoters making calls to PDs /MDs..

Promotion to the Charts: Roots 66, FAR, AMA Airplay, Euro Americana, AirPlay Direct, AirPlay Direct Global, and Roots Music Report. Our Promotion Staff - Fred Boenig and Keith Parnell, provide a very hands on promotion plan designed for you.

You'll also receive :

An extensive Radio Database and instruction on marketing and promoting your project with "Social Media" and effective advertising.

You'll learn the "Ins and Outs" of the "Chart Business" and how actual airplay happens.

You'll learn the most effective way to promote a project, helping you avoid wasting money on common mistakes.

Printed Labels for 430+ US Americana Stations (there is 280 Must Send list)
Printed Labels for  150+ Euro Americana Stations & Press that report to various charts
Free Airplay Direct PRO Account (Pro $50 value)
Ask about our Press Mailing when you call 610 967 5948
(Mailing Expenses are not included)

Make Checks Payable to Americana Media Productions  117 S 6th St Emmaus PA 18049

We accept Mastercard and Visa a 3% service charge for Credit Card

 Pay Pal 1400.00


Fred Boenig

aka "Chance Austin" host of


on WLVR 91.3 Bethlehem PA

M T W -Sat  6-10 am

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"The Chance Austin Anti-Massacre Movement"

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484 239 3219

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Keith Parnell AKA "I B Wonderful" host of "Americana 441"

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706 797 3771

Keith Parnell- 30 years of Radio Experience

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AMC441 2012

"Americana 441 is internationally syndicated on over 600 stations"



"Life of Project"

 Pay Pal 1400.00



We also understand that many artists are have spent all their budget on their new project. We get that, but without some basic knowledge of the "Chart Game" you will just be wasting what you have left.  If you find yourself in a place where you need some help to get started on the right foot we have a solution.  Give Fred a call, what we can do is sell you our Radio database and spend an hour explaining how to use it to get your music out there and not waste your limited resources.   The Data Base includes US stations 430+ with address and in most cases email contact info, 160+ Euro Americana stations (including some press contacts) a press list and a long conversation on how to effectively market your project.  Plus an hour of my time to explain how you should aproach your DIY project. Its not like having a team working on it with you, but for the price, you'll certainly get your money's worth.   $100


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