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Fred John Boenig- Americana Media Pro- Last Chance Medicine Show

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Fred Boenig AKA "Chance Austin"

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 Americana Media Productions is an Americana radio promotion company. 

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artists to Americana radio stations reporting to the many American Roots Music Charts including:

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Feature Videos of the Week
Roy Zimmerman- End of the Ship

Roy Zimmerman- The Shady Bunch
Roger Salloom- Don't Let My Country Wash Away

Colours Of December - Kelly's Lot

It's Christmas I'm Lonesome and Blue-Stan Martin

Merry F'n Christmas - Chip Taylor

Mary Lou's Christmas List-Antsy McClain

Shadows - Trevor Sewell

Beer Can Christmas Tree-Jimmy Baldwin & Michael Oneill -

Steven Blane's "Gonna Light the Lights Tonight

New Releases for 2017
Last Chance Medicine Show-Holiday Sampler
The Last Chance Medicine Show- Holiday Sampler

Johnny Got A Gun for Christmas
"Johnny Got a Gun For Christmas" -
written by Scott Paul-Fred Boenig
It's never too soon-but certainly is too late
Naughty Little Me - Renfree Isaacs
Christmas Eve At Our House- Craig Gerdes
Christmas in Prison (Written by John Prine)- Cory Jeter

"It's Only Christmas" Stephen Clair and the PushBacks 
Oh you will so love this one- I promise!
                   WATCH VIDEO

White Owl Red
Heartbreak for Xmas
Stan Martin
It's Christmas I'm Lonesome and Blue
Please Snow- ShoeBox Letters

That Kind of Night- Kirsten Manville
Trevor Sewell featuring Janis Ian
KC Cary
White Trash Holiday
Some all Time Favorite Holiday Songs
Download Track-320MP3
In a country that is taking to the street by the millions-This song just might be a great start. Chance Austin-"The Last Chance Medicine Show" WLVR FM 

Chip Taylor  Last Chance WBY
1506462820 KM-SomePeopleSing-FC
1502558397 AlbumCoverforLostVegasHiway
Jeff Mix & The Songhearts
Lost Vegas Hiway
White Owl Red
Naked and Falling 
 Mark Heyes
Outrun the Law
Shoebox Letters
Keep it Simple
Roger Salloom
Roger Salloom 
Underhill Rose